Obama nominates Burger King Tax Inversion King to Treasury

Ep 1: Government Spying from the Sky, Obama (Still) Loves Bankers

In the inaugural episode of Humorless Queers, we discuss U.S. Marshalls spying on your cell phone from the sky, and President Obama’s latest banker nomination to Treasury.

(Want to STOP that nomination? Sign this to quickly email your Senators).

Kade tells you why Department of Justice lawyer John Durham shares the “Bitch Please!” award of the episode with COMCAST, and Alexis tells banking lobbyists to quit their jobs.

If you want to make Alexis’s cover-to-cover reading of Tim Geithner’s book less meaningless, please read her (scathing) review of Stress Test.

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Our theme for this show is the song “Missing You” by Jahzzar, also know as Javier Suarez. You can find his work at betterwithmusic.com. Theme music for BITCH PLEASE is “Hachiko (The Faithful Dog)” a song by The Kyoto Connection. And the theme for QUIT YOUR JOB is “Fortitude” by J.O. Also featured on today’s show, the song “Something Elated” by the group Broke for Free. All music is Creative Commons, and was found on the Free Music Archive.