Will justice be done in the Tsarnaev trial?

Ep 3: Problems with the Tsarnaev trial, Wall Street reform in 2015

Kade discusses problems with the Tsarnaev trial (United States v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev), including troubling secrecy and civil liberties violations. And Alexis talks about what we can expect in the realm of Wall Street reform in 2015, especially given the action-packed first week in the House of Representatives.

We also review which news producers really need to quit their jobs, and why the NYTimes editorial board, usually decent on civil liberties, earns a “b*tch, please!” for a December 30 oped on the NYPD.

You can also listen to the episode on YouTube and iTunes.


Our theme for this show is the song “Missing You” by Jahzzar, also know as Javier Suarez. You can find his work at betterwithmusic.com. Theme music for BITCH PLEASE is “Hachiko (The Faithful Dog)” a song by The Kyoto Connection. And the theme for QUIT YOUR JOB is “Fortitude” by J.O.

Also featured on today’s show, the songs “Something Elated” by the group Broke for Free. All music is Creative Commons, and was found on the Free Music Archive.

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