Wells Fargo Scandal, and the Dangers in Election 2016 (E14)

This episode, we dive in to the Wells Fargo scandal, break down what happened and who’s to blame for the over 2 million scam accounts that Wells Fargo created for customers who never asked for them (and was then charged fees for those fake accounts). And during that segment, we’re going to tell you who Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren believes really needs to quit his job. 

After that, we’re going to take a brave look at the election. What is at stake? What are we thinking about? What do things like Deep State have to do with all of it? And why is Donald Trump especially dangerous if he DOESN’T want to govern?

And finally, we ask listeners what we need to do in order to battle the white nationalism that Donald Trump has emboldened — whether or not he wins. Send us your thoughts! info at humorlessqueers dot com.

One thought on “Wells Fargo Scandal, and the Dangers in Election 2016 (E14)”

  1. You are he most intelligent and articulate people in the media today. I’ve followed Alexis since Chris Hayes and Zuccotti Park. I’m on for life. I can’t wait for your analyses of the elections. In MA one paragraph in the marijuana legalization ballot initiative releases industrial hemp to be treated as the crop that it is that will way surpass in economic benefit any marijuana income. Today I traveled to tobacco farmers in MA recruiting their interest in this immediate boon to local economies should this legislation pass. They are smart and interested. Thanks for your work!

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