May 20, 2017 - Alexis Goldstein

Marcy Wheeler on NSA Surveillance, and the GOP coming for Dodd-Frank (E25)

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We talk to national security and surveillance policy expert Marcy Wheeler (@EmptyWheel) about reports that the NSA will be stopping ONE of its methods of spying on Americans — is it true?

The kill-us-all death care bill isn’t the only piece of legislation moving ahead in Congress. The GOP also advanced a bill that shreds the protections passed in the wake of the last financial crisis, also know as Dodd-Frank. Alexis catches us up on where we are, and what to do next.

Finally, we also talk about the License to Discriminate Executive Order that Trump signed in early May, an EO that turned out to be so pointless, the ACLU doesn’t even need to sue over it.



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  • Patt Reid-Polenz says:

    The kill-us-all death care bill AKA:
    Republican Insurance Plan, or R.I.P.

    love you folks, stay strong and carry on

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