June 3, 2017 - Alexis Goldstein

Erin Gloria Ryan on Trump’s Spite, Ivanka’s Nonsense, and Attacks on Contraceptive Coverage (E27)

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The Trump Administration isn’t good at much, but one thing they ARE good at is ripping up important rules from the Obama Administration. We talk with Erin Gloria Ryan (@MorningGloria) about a leaked draft of a new rule that would eliminate Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate. We also talk about Ivanka Trump’s nonsense and how she wants to have her champagne popsicle and eat it, too, about Jared Kusher’s “resting treason face,” and Donald Trump Jr’s obsession with conspiracy theories.

You can find Erin’s stories at The Daily Beast, and her podcast Girl Friday at Cafe.com.



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  • Ron says:

    Old enough to remember that this country would not vote for a religious non-Protestant(Catholic) until JFK, or a non white male until Obama, and still not a woman, but yet allows a family to consume the White House spewing hatred for what is. He has been protected seemingly on partisan reasoning void of care for Democracy. Makes one ask then what is Democracy since free speech is at question and only accepted for a price monetarily? Must civil war again decide fates? It didn’t really the first time.

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