Call Congress at 202-224-3121 to stop Graham Cassidy

All Out to Stop Graham-Cassidy, Trumpcare 3.0 (E38)

Trumpcare is back, but it’s even worse than before. The GOP has until September 30th to pull a hail Mary on Trumpcare with a HORRIFIC bill called Graham-Cassidy. We discuss what it is, how it would shred our healthcare and put an end to Medicaid as we know it, and what we need to do to stop it! 


  1. Call your Senators! 202-224-3121
  2. Call Mitch McConnell: 202-224-2541  Say: “I’m calling to tell Leader McConnell not to bring Graham/Cassidy up for a vote until it is properly debated and goes through regular order in the Senate.”
  3. Live in a state with two democratic senators? Call progressives in red states and ask them to call their senators:

States where we need to exert the most pressure:  Arizona, Arkansas, Maine, Louisiana, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, and Ohio. (Bolded states would lose Medicaid dollars under the bill.)

Graham-Cassidy factoids:

  • Protections against charging people more for their preexisting conditions: gone.
  • Lifetime cap prohibition: gone.
  • Swiss cheese policy prohibition: gone.
  • Eliminates coverage for an estimated 32 million people.
  • Sends premiums through the roof in just a year: up 20% by 2018. $17,320 insurance premium surcharge for pregnancy, $8,490 for depression.
  • Cuts or eliminates tax credits for middle-income people buying individual market plans.
  • Cuts benefits for people with opioid addiction by billions of dollars.
  • Endangers rural hospitals, because they are dependent on medicaid, and this bill…
  • Ends medicaid as we know it.
    • Ends medicaid expansion for millions of low-income adults.
    • Caps and cuts medicaid for seniors, people with disabilities, and children.
    • Replaces the medicaid expansion with a block grant that ends in 2026. Here’s the nitty gritty: Starting in 2020, the Cassidy-Graham bill would eliminate both the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies and the enhanced federal funding that underwrites the expansion of Medicaid in 31 states & D.C. The bill would then establish a “block grant,” handing money directly to the states for helping people to pay for health care.  This would shrink the federal investment in health care programs by about $400 billion over the next ten years. Starting in 2027, the money would vanish altogether. (see details from HuffPost or the the Center on Budget).