November election wins! 🎉 (E40)

We talk about some of the amazing wins from the November election, and have a nice, big celebration. Then, we talk about the Trump tax scam, all the ways it screws the not-rich, and how you can fight back. (We call it the “Cut cut cut Americans Act”)

And in episode 40.5 (which you can get if you become a Patreon subscriber), Alexis talks about her newest adventures in boxing. 


—ME expands Medicaid
—Dems pick-up full control of NJ *and* WA
—Dems win VAGov, AG, wave in Assembly (majority unclear; VA house could be 50/50)
—Dems win Charlotte, St Pete, Manchester, NYC
—Dems leg pick-up in VA(x15), NJ(x3), GA(x2), NH
—Civil-rights attorney as Philly DA
—Dems flipped GA house seats
—flipped Fayetteville, NC mayoral
—elected two Black LGs (Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia; Sheila Oliver in NJ)
—Ravi Bhalla elected first Sikh mayor of Hoboken, NJ
—trans woman defeats anti-LGBT bigot who held a seat for 25 years in VA (Danica Roem for Delegate)
—trans woman of color elected to MN council (Andrea Jenkins)
—Seema Singh Perez was elected to the Knoxville City Council; She’s the first South Asian woman on the Council and a member of the DSA.
—lesbian mayor elected in Seattle (Jenny Durkan)
—Dems flipped a Trump-won MI state House seat
—DSA candidate unseats GOP whip in VA (Lee Carter)
—Hala Ayala and Elizabeth Guzman — the first Latinas to be elected to the VA House of Delegates
—For the 1st time in Boston City Council history, half of the council is both women AND people of color.
—Vernetta Alston, a queer black progressive death penalty attorney, won an election for Durham, NC city council.
—Melvin Carter elected first black mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota.
—a Democrat won the supervisor race in Hempstead, Long Island for the first time in 100 years (Laura Gillen)
—Voters oust Rob Astorino, the GOP executive of Westchester County, who has been fighting affordable housing tooth-and-nail. Lost to George Latimer


Fight back against the Trump/GOP tax scam at:

More resources on the GOP tax scam:

.@RepChrisCollins (R-NY) on tax reform: “My donors are basically saying, ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again.'” (@cimarcos)

Interview with LaVaughn Williams

Speech by Danica Roem

Lee Carter singing Solidarity Forever

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