Fight the Digital Muslim Ban (E47)

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The ACLU gets us a little closer to shining light on black box algorithms, with some progress on a court challenge to the Computer Fraud Abuse Act. ICE puts out a horrific Digital Muslim Ban. Trump tries to murder the Census. Foreign governments are using stringrays to spy in D.C., and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Israel fires on peaceful protestors during the March of Return. And we revisit Gina Haspell, who remains a terrifying choice to run the CIA.


State Department proposes more surveillance of social media, communications, and travel – More on the #DigitalMuslimBan

We just got one step closer to understanding black box algorithms (Privacy SOS)

US suspects cellphone spying devices in DC (AP)

D.C., Maryland and Virginia join states and cities in lawsuit to block citizenship question from 2020 Census

Finally, a REMINDER to call your Senators to tell them to OPPOSE Mike Pompeo’s nomination to the State Department. We told you all about that in Episode 45, which is here if you missed it.

Finally, here are three organizations to donate to INSTEAD of millionaire Andrew McCabe:

1. The campaign is doing some of the most impactful youth-directed organizing in the country right now. The campaign needs funds:

2. People in Puerto Rico continue to struggle. You can support a critical mutual aid project which is doing incredible local work. Proyecto Apoyo Mutuo Mariana needs ongoing support:

3. Support the young people of who have entered the 4th day of their occupation at Howard University. Their demands are here: & you can donate to them here:

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