Trump having a meltdown in the Oval Office

Impeachment Pressure, Immigration Policy Horrors (e66)

Trump got caught, and he confessed.  We discuss the latest in the impeachment inquiry: texts from diplomats Sondland and Taylor, what happens if the subpoenas keep being defied, and what we think the Republicans’ calculus is, and what we’ll be watching to evaluate where they’re at.  We also review a host of horrifying new anti-immigrant policies that you may have missed while impeachment was going on, and a handful of recent victories against them, include a great campaign by Mijente against tech giant and ICE collaborator Palantir. 


DHS formally backs off plans to deport sick immigrant childrenReversed it for kids, after advocacy and a congressional hearing

Great work, Mijente! In two weeks 4 top tier universities told Palantir their recruitment efforts are not welcome on campus: Yale, Brown, Harvard and Berkeley. 

DC friends, take action to support the Sanctury Values Act:

Following the massive ICE raid in Mississippi, the MS Freedom Fund has been providing support for the families left behind.  You can help them restock supplies and meet increased demand since the by donating at:


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