Don’t use Ring Doorbell (e70)

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We discuss Facebook, Amazon, Ring doorbell, and facial surveillance. Bloomberg buying our elections with Bezos cheering him on as he controls more and more of our world. Fighting corruption and why it’s important for our future, including what’s at stake at the Supreme Court, and why Warren being willing to repeal the filibuster is so important. And Stephen Miller still has a job, and is still busy making anti-immigrant policies, even as the Southern Poverty Law Center unveiled hundreds of racist emails he sent to a conversation website, as he attempted to direct their coverage. And Kade survives a TedX talk.

Timestamps: Bloomberg and Jeff Bezos/Amazon trying to buy elections (15:20), Kavanaugh wants to revive “nondelegation doctrine,” gut all federal regulations (32:15), Stephen Miller (40:40), the “Remain in Mexico” policy (42:40), third country agreements with Guatemala and Honduras leading to deportations there(47:00),  Trump would eat Buttigieg for lunch (52:30)


Brett Kavanaugh Is Ready to Join the Supreme Court’s Conservatives to Tear Down Key Federal Regulations

Roundup of recent anti-immigrant policies from Stephen Miller, by Alexis over at Truthout

Fire Stephen Miller petition

Photo by Juan Álvarez Ajamil on Unsplash

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