Special Guest: Benajmin Dixon

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Benjamin Dixon joins Alexis to discuss the audio he discovered of Michael Bloomberg saying “you can just Xerox” the description of male, minorities 16-25 and hand to cops. Dixon’s clip went viral, but led to criticism of Dixon himself by the media. One CNN correspondent, Cristina Alesci, tried to downplay his discovery by saying he is “very anti-Bloomberg,” rather than engaging with the substance of Bloomberg’s remarks. And how we’ve never before seen a person this wealthy try to buy the U.S. presidency.

“The reason Mike Bloomberg is in this race in the first place is because we are nipping at his feet. And he had to get off his throne himself, and come down and do it.” –Benjamin Dixon

Also discussed: Bloomberg’s wealth and how it is seen by some as a strength, despite the danger it poses to Democracy. The role pod casters can play as the mainstream media treats Bloomberg with kid gloves. Bloomberg buying validators. And how people are rewarded for defending our existing systems of oppression. Why the status quo needs Wall Street and wealth to be idolized in order to maintain power. And the myth of money equaling merit.


  • The Benjamin Dixon show
  • The audio of Bloomberg’s remarks that Dixon found
  • Bloomberg’s Big Hedge (The New Republic)
  • Trump is the living embodiment of the goal of every ambitious person on Wall Street: “f*** you” money.

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