defund the police street mural appended to the end of black lives matter mural in washington dc

Defund the Police with Tracey Corder (e82)

We speak to Tracey Corder, a Campaign Coordinator for Action Center on Race and the Economy (ACRE), organizer and political strategist, about the ongoing work to defund the police. We also talk to Tracey about ACRE’s police brutality bonds report, and discuss the power of protest and lessons from the 2020 primary. And Kade highlights the recent 13-0 vote in the Boston city council to ban facial surveillance.


Police Brutality Bonds: How Wall Street Profits  from Police Violence (ACRE)

Bloc: Black leaders organizing for communities (Twitter: @blocbyblocMKE)

BLOC conducts year round door knocking to ask “what would it look like for your neighborhood to thrive?”

LIT – Leaders Igniting Transformation (Twitter: @LITMKE)

LIT worked for a 25 million divestment from policing campaign

Liberate MKE (Twitter: @liberatemke)

Able to achieve reducing the police budget by over $900,000 from what the Mayor proposed and close to $15 million less than they requested.

BOP: Black Organizing Project (Twitter: @BlackOrgProject)

BOP is fighting to get police out of Oakland schools

Robert Williams was wrongfully arrested because of flawed face recognition technology, and held for 30 hours. Watch an interview with Williams here.

Black Lives Matter: Reform or Revolution? 

Talk by Michael Kebede, Policy Counsel at the ACLU of Maine. 

Joy Buolamwini, founder the Algorithmic Justice League

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