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GET A F****** WARRANT (E52)

A big victory for privacy at the Supreme Court in the Carpenter case, followed by a big loss with the Muslim Ban. We also talk to Ben Wolcott from Make the Road NY about how big banks profit off immigrant detention and private prisons. Our take on the “civility” debate. And some races to watch in Texas.

Make the Road REPORT: The number of immigrants caged in private detention centers would increase up to 580% under Trump admin’s “zero tolerance” policy. 


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Amazon Wants to Send Your Face to Cops (E51)

2018 is the year we ask for what we want. Kade tells us how to say NO to face surveillance by Amazon. And Alexis discusses why the gutting of the post-crisis reform know as the Volcker Rule means we should be demanding Glass-Steagall 2.0. And we discuss why DC residents should vote YES on Initiative 77 on June 19th, to raise the minimum wage of tipped workers up from a measly $3.33/hour.


Elizabeth Warren/John McCain’s Glass Stegall 2.0

PETITION: Amazon, get out of the surveillance business. 

Image via Don Relyea on (CC BY 2.0)

Salt in the Wound (E50)

Mitch McConnell wants to vote on racist judicial nominations on a massive civil rights anniversary.  60 murdered, over 2700 peaceful Palestinian protestors are injured during the Great Return March, the day Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. A good federal decision on border searches. The CFPB SHUTS DOWN the Office for Students.  And a look at Illinois’ 14th district, and voting as harm reduction.

Donate to Medical aid for Palestine:

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Trump violates the Iran Deal (E49)

Trump violates the Iran Deal; the Senate will choose if they want to appoint a torturer to head the CIA, with Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing coming up; AT&T and Novartis pay hundreds of thousands to Trump’s personal attorney; Ticketmaster wants to use facial recognition at concerts; and an update on the attempt to make discrimination in auto lending easier.

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Bigots, Burpees, and the WHCD (E 48.5)

An insane bigot wins 28% of the vote at the Mass. GOP convention, despite being an anti-gay Holocaust denier. And that brings us to…the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (WHCD)! And Kade shares a new routine of 100 burpees a day, which is a good place to put your anger.  Listen here.

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James Comey, Please Stop (E48)

Massachusetts passed a good criminal justice reform bill. Five years later, we still don’t know who built the Boston Marathon bombs. The Senate makes it easier for auto lenders to discriminate against people of color. And James Comey, bitch please.

And kick some money over to the!

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Fight the Digital Muslim Ban (E47)

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The ACLU gets us a little closer to shining light on black box algorithms, with some progress on a court challenge to the Computer Fraud Abuse Act. ICE puts out a horrific Digital Muslim Ban. Trump tries to murder the Census. Foreign governments are using stringrays to spy in D.C., and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Israel fires on peaceful protestors during the March of Return. And we revisit Gina Haspell, who remains a terrifying choice to run the CIA.

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Waking up to Surveillance Capitalism (E46)

The news lately is full of the warning signs of surveillance capitalism. We discuss Cambridge Analytica’s use of the private data of friends and family of people who took a personality quiz. We note the CEO’s approach of finding the “emotional center” of voters. We also discuss why you should delete Facebook, Uber’s self-driving car killing a pedestrian in Arizona, and Cynthia Nixon challenging Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York (and bringing lefty politics to the crazy corporate Human Rights Campaign gala!)

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Say No to Torturers (E45)

Trump fires Tillerson, picks Mike Pompeo to replace him at State and Gina Haspel to replace Pompeo at the CIA. We discuss Pompeo’s extremist views and hawish desire for war and Haspel’s participation in torture at a CIA blacksite. We also tackle Democratic complicity in the face of these two torture supporters advancing in the cabinet.

Call your Senators and tell them NO on Pompeo and NO on Haspel! 202-224-3121

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