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Betsy DeVos Takes a Loss

Betsy DeVos has a massive loss in court. Mass police get caught spying on left activists. The Trump administration is keeping 13,000 children in cages. We discuss the loses and wins in the NY primary, and implore listeners to call their Senators to oppose Kavanaugh and the Handmaid’s Tale future he wants to build.

Mass Surveillance SOS (E42)

We discuss the reauthorization of the warrantless surveillance program, Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act; using Newt Gingrich’s Congressional Review Act for good instead of evil, the latest garbage from Betsy DeVos, and rant about Trump’s attempts to make American education worse.

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Suing Betsy DeVos (E31)

Betsy DeVos just keeps getting sued!  We talk to Eileen Connor from the Project on Predatory Student Lending at Harvard Law about just ONE of their lawsuits against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. We will also talk about the very strange and Kafkaesque story of how Boston law enforcement officials used a warrantless surveillance order to try to unmask a government critic, and then pressed to keep that order COMPLETELY SECRET for more than five years. The ACLU of Massachusetts recently sued to crack the secrecy around the case.

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