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Coping with stress during the election and the pandemic

Election week is finally here, and if you’re like us, you’re probably freaking out. We have all already been stressed, experiencing a sort of collective trauma as the nation has lost 220,000 people and counting to the pandemic. This episode, Alexis talks to social worker and researcher Leah Goldstein (her sister) about what the pandemic has done both those she works with in clinical practice, but also to all of us broadly.

This episode is full of tips for how to cope in a healthy way with our stress and anxiety — be it community, being kind to ourselves, pausing and breathing, checking the facts, or, giving our inner negative voice a name (like “Denise”), and telling them to shut up.

De-stigmatizing Abortion, with Moira Donegan (e69)

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Moira Donegan joins as a guest host to discuss de-stigmatizating abortion, and how abortion rights are one of several areas where our laws and public opinion are moving in opposite directions.

We also discuss impeachment week 2 — what we know, what pressures Trump is facing, and what we’ll be watching for.

Fund Abortion, Build Power image via Give to abortion funds!

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All Out to Stop Graham-Cassidy, Trumpcare 3.0 (E38)

Trumpcare is back, but it’s even worse than before. The GOP has until September 30th to pull a hail Mary on Trumpcare with a HORRIFIC bill called Graham-Cassidy. We discuss what it is, how it would shred our healthcare and put an end to Medicaid as we know it, and what we need to do to stop it! 


  1. Call your Senators! 202-224-3121
  2. Call Mitch McConnell: 202-224-2541  Say: “I’m calling to tell Leader McConnell not to bring Graham/Cassidy up for a vote until it is properly debated and goes through regular order in the Senate.”
  3. Live in a state with two democratic senators? Call progressives in red states and ask them to call their senators:

States where we need to exert the most pressure:  Arizona, Arkansas, Maine, Louisiana, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, and Ohio. (Bolded states would lose Medicaid dollars under the bill.)

Graham-Cassidy factoids:

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Let’s Stop Trumpcare for Good (E30)

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Trumpcare has stalled in the Senate today, but the fight is just getting started. We CELEBRATE but then get right to talking about what we need to do next. We also dive into some wonky details about why Trumpcare, if it passes, will gut Medicaid forever — and the dangers that we ALL face, however we get our insurance, from this evil Trumpcare bill.


Dive into the weeds with the National Health Law Program:

Find an event to go to at the Town Hall Project

Elizabeth Warren says that in 2020 the Democrats need to run on Single-Payer.

Coffin image is via Color of Change.