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Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Know (e67)

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We cover the breaking reports of the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the latest on impeachment. We also discuss the #PressPause campaign against facial surveillance, Zuckerberg’s disastrous Facebook hearing in Washington, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos being held in contempt of court and fined.

Impeachment Pressure, Immigration Policy Horrors (e66)

Trump got caught, and he confessed.  We discuss the latest in the impeachment inquiry: texts from diplomats Sondland and Taylor, what happens if the subpoenas keep being defied, and what we think the Republicans’ calculus is, and what we’ll be watching to evaluate where they’re at.  We also review a host of horrifying new anti-immigrant policies that you may have missed while impeachment was going on, and a handful of recent victories against them, include a great campaign by Mijente against tech giant and ICE collaborator Palantir. 

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Impeachment Begins (e65)

We reflect on the day Speaker Pelosi announced the House would formally open an impeachment investigation.



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