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Existing health and economic disparities are crushing. The virus is making things a million times worse.

Who has to work right now? Who can work from home? Who has lost their jobs? Massive overlap between people of color and service workers. Massive overlap in NYC between neighborhoods with lots of people of color, COVID-19 infected people, and people who work in the service industry.

We start off with the EARN IT Act, legislation that would give the government a backdoor to kill encryption.  We also discuss how Congress picked winners and losers in their student debt relief in the third coronavirus package. And we put out a call to action to free people from cages during the pandemic. And Alexis discusses Trump manipulating the stock market with lies about oil production cut “deals” between Russia and Saudi Arabia that…didn’t exist.

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WTF just happened with the Senate COVID19 vote? (E78)

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We discuss the McConnell 3.0 corporate bailout bonanza bill that failed in the Senate thanks to Democratic opposition. We talk about what happens next on the COVID19 response in the House. And we look at the way support for Cancelling Student Debt as an economic stimulus has been quickly gaining steam.


Maxine Waters: Proposed Legislative Responses to COVID-19

There are 16 Senate Dems on the record in favor of cancelling student debt as a part of any stimulus, INCLUDING Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. The list is:
  • Warren, Brown, Durbin, Sanders, Duckworth, Reed, Blumenthal, Gillibrand, Van Hollen, Merkley, Baldwin, Harris, Markey, Booker, Shaheen, Menendez. (These are the folks who signed a Warren/Brown letter)
There are 30 House Dems on the record in favor, INCLUDING House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters:
  • Chair Waters including cancelling a minimum of $10,000 in federal student loans are a part of her proposal
  • A Rep Ayanna Pressley/Ilhan Omar letter supporting cancelling student debt in the stimulus got 27 signers (29 total).
You can send your lawmakers (House and Senate) an email using Student Debt Crisis’ petition:

Cancel Student Debt, Stimulate the Economy (e77)

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The markets are crashing. The Federal Reserve is giving loans to big banks and big companies–what about small and medium business? Why cancelling student debt would boost the economy. Surveillance proposals in the coronavirus pandemic, including facial surveillance ripe for abuse. Righteous anger from Senator Sherrod Brown. And good stimulus proposals from Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Maxine Waters.

(apologies for a bit of static in the recording at a few points!)


List of mutual aid efforts across the nation

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s stimulus plan

Rep. Maxine Waters stimulus plan

Mitch McConnell’s Senate page

Humorless Panic (e76)

Coronavirus, Trump’s malfeasance, the market crash, Trump’s Europe travel ban, and what a REAL response to COVID-19 would look like, from a health perspective and an economic one.


Demands from Grassroots Organizers Concerning COVID-19

To Cancel Student Debt, You Don’t Need Congress


Benajmin Dixon on Michael Bloomberg (e75)

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Benjamin Dixon joins Alexis to discuss the audio he discovered of Michael Bloomberg saying “you can just Xerox” the description of male, minorities 16-25 and hand to cops. Dixon’s clip went viral, but led to criticism of Dixon himself by the media. One CNN correspondent, Cristina Alesci, tried to downplay his discovery by saying he is “very anti-Bloomberg,” rather than engaging with the substance of Bloomberg’s remarks. And how we’ve never before seen a person this wealthy try to buy the U.S. presidency.

“The reason Mike Bloomberg is in this race in the first place is because we are nipping at his feet. And he had to get off his throne himself, and come down and do it.” –Benjamin Dixon

Also discussed: Bloomberg’s wealth and how it is seen by some as a strength, despite the danger it poses to Democracy. The role pod casters can play as the mainstream media treats Bloomberg with kid gloves. Bloomberg buying validators. And how people are rewarded for defending our existing systems of oppression. Why the status quo needs Wall Street and wealth to be idolized in order to maintain power. And the myth of money equaling merit.

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Teaser – Mayor Pete sacrificed himself; he will sacrifice anyone (e74)

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We discuss former Mayor Pete’s horrific record in South Bend, how he’s decided to stop reading LGBTQIA media entirely because it criticized him, and what it means for someone to know they’re queer, but stay in the closet in order to pursue political power. Kade asks, poignantly, “someone who will sacrifice something that is that intimate to their personhood in pursuit of their political ambitions will sacrifice anyone.” And we discuss the meme LGBTQ: Let’s Get Buttigieg to Quit.



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Debating the Dem Primary, Clearview AI Spying (e73)

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Kade breaks down the news about the shady, alt-right connected and Peter Thiel funded Clearview AI, which has been amassing a giant database of our faces by scraping social media. We talk about the chaos of the Iowa Caucus and what it’s making us think about as the primary goes on, including the U.S’ worship of wealth, and how that informs the election (31:15). We discuss Warren vs. Sanders as the leftist candidate of choice (41:00). We remind everyone that the GOP had a shitshow of a primary back in 2016 and the candidate no one thought would win, won, so maybe nobody really knows what will happen (46:00). Alexis makes a pitch for the places where Warren is to the left of Sanders, such as on abolishing the filibuster and adding Supreme Court Justices, both of which Sanders opposes, and Warren’s commitment to using executive authority, not Congress, to cancel student debt on Day 1 (54:00). And we preview a TedX talk Kade did on facial surveillance that just went live (29:00)!


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No War With Iran (e72)

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We discuss Trump’s utter insanity and recklessness in his actions in Iraq and towards Iran. We discuss what’s next in the Senate trial now that Trump has been impeached. Kade went to a fundraiser with Rep. Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley, and is excited to read a new book on the Boston Marathon bombing. And Alexis challenges herself to read 40 books this year – what should we all be reading? 

Ben Rhodes’ Book and 2019 in Review (E71)

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For the last episode of the year we review some of the good things the house did, talk about Obama national security advisor and speechwriter Ben Rhodes’ memoir, celebrate some 2019 victories, and make wishes for 2020. Here’s to lots more freedom fighting and lots more freedom. Happy new year!


Congressional Oversight Claimed Important Victories in 2019. Here Are the Top 5.

A Very Good Election Night for Democrats (e68)

In this Patreon-only episode, Alexis takes you through the evening’s results. Kentucky elected a Democratic Governor, as Trump’s last minute rally didn’t save Republican Matt Bevin. Virginia now has a Governor-State Senate-State Leg trifecta. Danica Roem and Lee Carter were both re-elected. The Mississippi’s Democratic vote share went up by double digits. That and more election night news from your friendly neighborhood queer. Get it for a buck over at Patreon.