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Waking up to Surveillance Capitalism (E46)

The news lately is full of the warning signs of surveillance capitalism. We discuss Cambridge Analytica’s use of the private data of friends and family of people who took a personality quiz. We note the CEO’s approach of finding the “emotional center” of voters. We also discuss why you should delete Facebook, Uber’s self-driving car killing a pedestrian in Arizona, and Cynthia Nixon challenging Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York (and bringing lefty politics to the crazy corporate Human Rights Campaign gala!)

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November election wins! 🎉 (E40)

We talk about some of the amazing wins from the November election, and have a nice, big celebration. Then, we talk about the Trump tax scam, all the ways it screws the not-rich, and how you can fight back. (We call it the “Cut cut cut Americans Act”)

And in episode 40.5 (which you can get if you become a Patreon subscriber), Alexis talks about her newest adventures in boxing. 


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HOORAY Trumpcare Imploded (E33)

The BCRA, Straight Repeal, and Skinny Repeal versions of Trumpcare ALL FACE PALMED Thursday night/Friday morning. We’re gonna recap reactions from us and from listeners, as well as talking about what’s next.

And it seems like just last week that we were making fun of Anthony Scaramucci because…it was just last week! And now he’s fired. So we’ll do a little dance on the grave of his short-lived Comms Director career.


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  • Have a laugh at the replies to Sam Stein’s Scaramucci tweet.


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Suing Jeff Sessions (E29)

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You may be familiar with the many times the ACLU has sued the president, but today we’re going to cover two lawsuits against the Trump Administration you may NOT have heard of. We interview Glenda Aldana Madrid, Staff Attorney at the the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project about their lawsuit against Jeff Sessions. We also discuss a couple of lawsuits against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and some awesome Listener Mail about the UK election.


Hat tip to @jenesaiswha for the recommendation of the BBC 4 News Quiz Extra show.

America’s Hidden H.I.V. Epidemic – The New York Times

Betsy DeVos lost the first part of a a court battle when a California federal judge ruled that her Department’s effort to delay addressing a defrauded student’s claim for loan relief was “both frivolous and in bad faith.”

The Mass. Attorney General on DeVos’s latest move: “I’m going to sue them.”

Erin Gloria Ryan on Trump’s Spite, Ivanka’s Nonsense, and Attacks on Contraceptive Coverage (E27)

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The Trump Administration isn’t good at much, but one thing they ARE good at is ripping up important rules from the Obama Administration. We talk with Erin Gloria Ryan (@MorningGloria) about a leaked draft of a new rule that would eliminate Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate. We also talk about Ivanka Trump’s nonsense and how she wants to have her champagne popsicle and eat it, too, about Jared Kusher’s “resting treason face,” and Donald Trump Jr’s obsession with conspiracy theories.

You can find Erin’s stories at The Daily Beast, and her podcast Girl Friday at



The Trump Budget Screws the Poor and Middle Class (E26)

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We rage about the Trump budget bill, which is coming to fuck up every American that isn’t a millionaire or billionaire. But these are all just policy choices, and the GOP is deciding to raid the poor to pay the rich. For an alternative vision, we look at the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s People’s Budget.



Wells Fargo Scandal, and the Dangers in Election 2016 (E14)

This episode, we dive in to the Wells Fargo scandal, break down what happened and who’s to blame for the over 2 million scam accounts that Wells Fargo created for customers who never asked for them (and was then charged fees for those fake accounts). And during that segment, we’re going to tell you who Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren believes really needs to quit his job. 

After that, we’re going to take a brave look at the election. What is at stake? What are we thinking about? What do things like Deep State have to do with all of it? And why is Donald Trump especially dangerous if he DOESN’T want to govern?

And finally, we ask listeners what we need to do in order to battle the white nationalism that Donald Trump has emboldened — whether or not he wins. Send us your thoughts! info at humorlessqueers dot com.