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Fight Face Surveillance (e61)

We discuss the latest on big tech companies spying on our faces, from a NYT experiment with a feed in Bryant park, to some scary face surveillance of a Muslim population in China. We also hit on state-level efforts to fight this “plutonium of AI.” We also break down Trump’s incitement against Rep. Ilhan Omar and the pathetic response from Democratic leadership. Listen at iTunes, Patreon, or below.

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  • Massachusetts is still set to consider a Face Surveillance moratorium.
  • Live in San Francisco? Please support the “Stop Secret Surveillance” ordinance!
    • Find your member on the Board of Supervisors here. Then give them a call and urge them to vote to Stop Secret Surveillance:
    • If you don’t know your district, you can look it up here:
    • Supervisor @AaronPeskin intro’d it, and right now, and @hillaryronen & @MattHaneySF are co-sponsors. Tweet at them to say THANKS!
    • Tell your friends & family to support the ordinance as well, by signing this ACLU petition.
    • Learn even more about the ordinance at this Engadget piece by Andrew Tarantola.
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Trump Fires Comey – What Now? (E24)

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On news that Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, we record an emergency episode about what a new FBI Director will mean, given the broad powers the FBI has inherited. We discuss how we can push back against FBI abuses by encouraging our local elected officials to follow the lead of San Francisco, who left the FBI’s Joint ­Terrorism Task Force following concern over the Trump ­administration’s Muslim Ban and concerns that participation in the task force might violate local laws protecting immigrants and ­religious minorities.

San Francisco Police Department pulls out of FBI anti-terrorism task force (Washington Post)

Ivanka Trump is Fake, Betsy DeVos’s Mess, and James Comey gets pwned (E22)

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We debrief on the House of Representatives vote to let Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sell our personal data. We talk about two troubling actions by Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education that has the potential to seriously screw Americans with student loans — and those about trying to get them. Finally, we’ll laugh at James Comey, and Alexis will discuss the Queer Dance Party she attended outside of Ivanka Trump’s house, and ask WTF has Ivanka Trump actually done for LGBTQ rights.


  • Call the Capitol Switchboard, (202) 224-3121, and ask for your Senators, and tell them: I am concerned that Betsy DeVos will not obey the law and grant Public Service Loan Forgiveness to borrowers who’ve dutifully paid their loans and worked in public service for ten years. I want to know what you are doing to protect the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program? Has the Senator signed a letter or otherwise spoken out? This is a priority for me. 

Image credit: @lpritchard8 on Twitter

Kade on Apple vs FBI, Update on Corinthian (E9)

Kade breaks down Apple vs FBI. Kade explains why this isn’t really about a phone (especially not about a work phone, the only phone left un-smashed by Syed Rizwan Farook). We discuss how the FBI’s actions may actually damage their OWN security, and the security of the rest of us, if they succeed. And we touch on how Congress has so far REFUSED to give the government the power the FBI is seeking, so now FBI is trying to obtain this power through the courts.

We also provide an update on the scammed students of Corinthian Colleges, and tell you who needs to check themselves, and who needs to quit their jobs.

For further reading on Apple vs FBI:

And don’t read lawfareblog! Instead, read Empty Wheel or Just Security.

For further reading on the scammed Corinthian students:

Image Credit: Irish Typepad (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Marcy Wheeler Explains CISA – How Congress sold us out on Cybersecurity

For episode 8 we speak with none other than the fabulous Marcy Wheeler, a national security and surveillance policy expert with a most refined bullshit detector. Marcy helps us understand exactly WTF congress has just done by tacking on dangerous warrantless surveillance authorization onto the omnibus budget, under the guise of protecting US “cyber security.” If you’ve been confused about what CISA is or why you should care, don’t miss our interview with Marcy.

Also featured on this episode is a breakdown of what else was hidden away in the 2016 spending package, including financial and drug war related items, as well as some surprises, for example a nifty little clause that says cops can look at porn on their government computers.

That, plus a special edition of Quit Your Job, in which we beg NYT public editor Margaret Sullivan to NOT quit her job.