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    April 23, 2017 - Alexis Goldstein

    Mass. Dismisses 21,000 Tainted Drug Convictions (E23)

    If you want to support the show, you can do so on Patreon for as little as $1 a month. You’ll get access to bonus content each month and help us keep the show going!  We discuss Betsy DeVos’s latest move in her war on students: undoing protections for student loan borrowers put in place by […]

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  • Kade breaks down what’s going on with the Patriot Act, and why even if it sunsets, more reforms are needed. Alexis discusses the five banks that pled guilty to felony charges…and why the consequences for the felonies these big banks pled guilty to are totally different than felonies that mere mortals face. And Kade gives an in-depth […]

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