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No War With Iran

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We discuss Trump’s utter insanity and recklessness in his actions in Iraq and towards Iran. We discuss what’s next in the Senate trial now that Trump has been impeached. Kade went to a fundraiser with Rep. Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley, and is excited to read a new book on the Boston Marathon bombing. And Alexis challenges herself to read 40 books this year – what should we all be reading? 

James Comey, Please Stop (E48)

Massachusetts passed a good criminal justice reform bill. Five years later, we still don’t know who built the Boston Marathon bombs. The Senate makes it easier for auto lenders to discriminate against people of color. And James Comey, bitch please.

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Mass. Dismisses 21,000 Tainted Drug Convictions (E23)

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We discuss Betsy DeVos’s latest move in her war on students: undoing protections for student loan borrowers put in place by the Obama admin. Kade breaks down the news that district attorneys in Massachusetts dismissed over 21,000 tainted drug convictions, the most in one day in US history. We talk about what led to those dismissals, and what they mean about the current legal system. Finally, we also give you an update on the latest Tsarnaev related chicanery. A Boston based journalist has a new book out, and some of what she’s documented will shock even the most cynical observers.

Image credit: University of Michigan School of Natural Resources @ (CC BY 2.0)

The Tsarnaev Trial, Big Bank Felonies, & the Patriot Act (E06)

Kade breaks down what’s going on with the Patriot Act, and why even if it sunsets, more reforms are needed. Alexis discusses the five banks that pled guilty to felony charges…and why the consequences for the felonies these big banks pled guilty to are totally different than felonies that mere mortals face. And Kade gives an in-depth overview of the Tsarnaev trial: It’s finally over—or is it? What we learned in the final weeks, and what’s likely to come.

Further Reading

To read more about the Big Banks’ felony pleas in the FX price rigging scandal, read Alexis’s piece “When is a Felony Not a Felony? When You’re a Bank!

To read more about the Tsarnaev trial, read Kade’s extensive prior coverage of the trial.

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Credit Where Due

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