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HOORAY Trumpcare Imploded (E33)

The BCRA, Straight Repeal, and Skinny Repeal versions of Trumpcare ALL FACE PALMED Thursday night/Friday morning. We’re gonna recap reactions from us and from listeners, as well as talking about what’s next.

And it seems like just last week that we were making fun of Anthony Scaramucci because…it was just last week! And now he’s fired. So we’ll do a little dance on the grave of his short-lived Comms Director career.


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  • Have a laugh at the replies to Sam Stein’s Scaramucci tweet.


Image via Max Talbot-Minkin  (CC BY 2.0)

Erin Gloria Ryan on Trump’s Spite, Ivanka’s Nonsense, and Attacks on Contraceptive Coverage (E27)

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The Trump Administration isn’t good at much, but one thing they ARE good at is ripping up important rules from the Obama Administration. We talk with Erin Gloria Ryan (@MorningGloria) about a leaked draft of a new rule that would eliminate Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate. We also talk about Ivanka Trump’s nonsense and how she wants to have her champagne popsicle and eat it, too, about Jared Kusher’s “resting treason face,” and Donald Trump Jr’s obsession with conspiracy theories.

You can find Erin’s stories at The Daily Beast, and her podcast Girl Friday at