2019 in Review

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For the last episode of the year we review some of the good things the house did, talk about Obama national security advisor and speechwriter Ben Rhodes’ memoir, celebrate some 2019 victories, and make wishes for 2020. Here’s to lots more freedom fighting and lots more freedom. Happy new year!


Congressional Oversight Claimed Important Victories in 2019. Here Are the Top 5.

Don’t use Ring Doorbell (e70)

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We discuss Facebook, Amazon, Ring doorbell, and facial surveillance. Bloomberg buying our elections with Bezos cheering him on as he controls more and more of our world. Fighting corruption and why it’s important for our future, including what’s at stake at the Supreme Court, and why Warren being willing to repeal the filibuster is so important. And Stephen Miller still has a job, and is still busy making anti-immigrant policies, even as the Southern Poverty Law Center unveiled hundreds of racist emails he sent to a conversation website, as he attempted to direct their coverage. And Kade survives a TedX talk.

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De-stigmatizing Abortion, with Moira Donegan (e69)

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Moira Donegan joins as a guest host to discuss de-stigmatizating abortion, and how abortion rights are one of several areas where our laws and public opinion are moving in opposite directions.

We also discuss impeachment week 2 — what we know, what pressures Trump is facing, and what we’ll be watching for.

Fund Abortion, Build Power image via https://abortionfunds.org. Give to abortion funds!

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A Very Good Election Night for Democrats (e68)

In this Patreon-only episode, Alexis takes you through the evening’s results. Kentucky elected a Democratic Governor, as Trump’s last minute rally didn’t save Republican Matt Bevin. Virginia now has a Governor-State Senate-State Leg trifecta. Danica Roem and Lee Carter were both re-elected. The Mississippi’s Democratic vote share went up by double digits. That and more election night news from your friendly neighborhood queer. Get it for a buck over at Patreon. 

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Know (e67)

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We cover the breaking reports of the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the latest on impeachment. We also discuss the #PressPause campaign against facial surveillance, Zuckerberg’s disastrous Facebook hearing in Washington, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos being held in contempt of court and fined.

Impeachment Pressure, Immigration Policy Horrors (e66)

Trump got caught, and he confessed.  We discuss the latest in the impeachment inquiry: texts from diplomats Sondland and Taylor, what happens if the subpoenas keep being defied, and what we think the Republicans’ calculus is, and what we’ll be watching to evaluate where they’re at.  We also review a host of horrifying new anti-immigrant policies that you may have missed while impeachment was going on, and a handful of recent victories against them, include a great campaign by Mijente against tech giant and ICE collaborator Palantir. 

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Impeachment Begins (e65)

We reflect on the day Speaker Pelosi announced the House would formally open an impeachment investigation.



the @infinite_scream twitter account breaks character to say TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH

War in Soccer, Not with Iran

Bolton and Pompeo’s desperate and transparent attempts to go to war with Iran aren’t fooling anyone.  Wall Street feels left out of the student debt crisis, so is shopping around a form of debt called Indentured Servitude Agreements (er, we mean “Income Share Agreements”).  We stan Elizabeth Warren’s “Break Up Big Tech” billboards, debate beating World Cup teams 13-0, and get super gay. Happy Pride! 

How to Stop the Climate Crisis (E59)

We speak to journalist Kate Aronoff about the details and the politics around the Green New Deal, and how avoiding climate crisis requires an ecosocialist reformation.

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With a Green New Deal, Here’s What the World Could Look Like for the Next Generation

Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

Calmly Discussing 2020 (E58)

Writer, brave human, and opinion columnist for the Guardian Moira Donegan joins Alexis and Kade to discuss the 2020 Democratic primary — in a calm, thoughtful, policy-filled way! We discuss the candidates on housing, healthcare, financial policy, taxation, education, child care, drug policy, reparations, climate, foreign policy, immigration, and decriminalizing sex work (oh my!)

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