What Financial Crisis? (E44)

Republicans are getting ready to shred the rules on 25 of the 38 largest banks in the country…and 16 Democrats are helping them do it! Alexis discusses the #BankLobbyistAct and tells you what you can do to stop it.

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Fight back with the same vigor (E43)

Comey being Corney, Banner drops at the Department of Labor, Boston Police spying on citizens through social media, and the latest Democratic cave on DACA.

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Mass Surveillance SOS (E42)

We discuss the reauthorization of the warrantless surveillance program, Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act; using Newt Gingrich’s Congressional Review Act for good instead of evil, the latest garbage from Betsy DeVos, and rant about Trump’s attempts to make American education worse.

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CFPB Thunderdome (E41)

Two Acting Directors enter, one Acting Director leaves? We break down what’s going on at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and why it matters who runs it. We also discuss a very important privacy case that will be argued before the Supreme Court on November 29 called United States v. Carpenter. We talk the latest on the Trump tax scam and Ajit Pai’s plan to kill net neutrality, and read some great listener mail!


Report: Too many being sent to Allegheny County Jail

Why the CFPB matters: a Twitter thread

Why Leandra English is the legitimate Acting Director

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November election wins! 🎉 (E40)

We talk about some of the amazing wins from the November election, and have a nice, big celebration. Then, we talk about the Trump tax scam, all the ways it screws the not-rich, and how you can fight back. (We call it the “Cut cut cut Americans Act”)

And in episode 40.5 (which you can get if you become a Patreon subscriber), Alexis talks about her newest adventures in boxing. 


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Trump sabotage (E39)

We discuss Trump sabotage, from the Affordable Care Act to the Iran deal. We also talk what Kade’s been up to in Boston city elections.

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All Out to Stop Graham-Cassidy, Trumpcare 3.0 (E38)

Trumpcare is back, but it’s even worse than before. The GOP has until September 30th to pull a hail Mary on Trumpcare with a HORRIFIC bill called Graham-Cassidy. We discuss what it is, how it would shred our healthcare and put an end to Medicaid as we know it, and what we need to do to stop it! 


  1. Call your Senators! 202-224-3121
  2. Call Mitch McConnell: 202-224-2541  Say: “I’m calling to tell Leader McConnell not to bring Graham/Cassidy up for a vote until it is properly debated and goes through regular order in the Senate.”
  3. Live in a state with two democratic senators? Call progressives in red states and ask them to call their senators: https://www.trumpcareten.org/calls-to-kill-trumpcare

States where we need to exert the most pressure:  Arizona, Arkansas, Maine, Louisiana, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, and Ohio. (Bolded states would lose Medicaid dollars under the bill.)

Graham-Cassidy factoids:

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What DIDN’T Equifax Screw Up? (E37)

We talk Equifax: the data breach, the company’s insane response, and what to do about it. We also discuss the recent cowardice of Harvard University when it comes to who is and isn’t allowed to remain a fellow. And Kade tells us about a lawsuit the ACLU and EFF filed on behalf of 11 travelers whose smartphones and laptops were searched without warrants at the U.S. border.

In this week’s BONUS episode, we also shame ESPN and one of their dork analysts for their treatment of their colleague Jemele Hill. And Kade gives more fitness tips. Get the bonus episode by becoming a Patreon patron here.


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Email your Member of Congress and ask them to WITHDRAW H.R. 2359, a bill that makes life easier for credit-reporting agencies that screw up. You can use this tool to generate a template email & send it.


Jemele Hill and ESPN; and More Fitness Tips (36.5)

We discuss ESPN’s craven caving to racists after Jemele Hill states the facts about Trump’s white supremacy. Kade tells ESPN Public Editor Jim Brady to quit his job.

Then, we talk about Alexis’s lifting progress, and Kade’s newest fitness tip.

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Image via @binkwilder on flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)