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Comcast is lying to you (E32)

Who is Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s new communications director? We talk about his history in finance, the long con we think he’s playing, and how much money you needed to go to his SALT conference.

ALSO: In April, the Trump administration and GOP congress killed one of Obama’s most important achievements: Federal Communications Commission regulations that would have barred internet service providers like Charter and Comcast from selling your sensitive information without your consent. State lawmakers from both parties in nearly thirty states leapt into action, introducing bills to fill the gap. We’ll talk about how Comcast is lying in order to stop these bills, debunking the dishonest arguments they and other ISPs are making as they try to kill these bills, and how we can fight back against this particular part of the corporate takeover of the US government.

Betsy DeVos has continues to be up to no good, giving garbage speeches and pursuing bad policy. But many people are fighting back, including one of our awesome listeners!

And finally, since it’s the summer and maybe you’re fortunate enough to get to travel, we’re going to talk about airport security.

GOP Attack on Internet Privacy; Jay Clayton for SEC; Trumpcare Fails! (E21)

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This week the Republican-led Senate voted on party lines to allow internet service providers to sell our private internet records. We talk about what we can do to stop this horrible proposal from becoming law, and why it matters. We also discuss the latest nomination to Trump’s Incompetent Cabinet, Jay Clayton, a lawyer who works at one of Wall Street’s favorite law firms, Sullivan and Cromwell.


  • Tell Congress: Our browsing histories are not for sale. Don’t let Comcast spy on us!
  • Call the Capitol Switchboard, (202) 224-3121, and ask for your Senators, and tell them: I am asking you to vote NO on the nomination of Jay Clayton to the SEC. We shouldn’t have a Wall Street lawyer running one of the regulators who oversee Wall Street. How does Senator _____ plan to vote on Jay Clayton? [IF THE ANSWER ISN’T NO:] I urge you to vote no.

Image credit: Christopher Sessums on flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)