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Comey Week, UK Elections, and the GOP bill to Light the Economy on Fire (E28)

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We start out with Comey Week! The hearing, the media’s response, our thoughts, Trump’s insane post-hearing press conference, and all the he said/he said you can stand. 

Then, we’re going to talk about the horrible bullshit the GOP was up to while everyone was hungover from the Comey hearing, including voting to rip up Dodd-Frank, because I guess the only thing the GOP likes better than stealing our healthcare is stealing our healthcare in the middle of a brand new financial crisis.

Finally, we’ll also give a quick update on the latest flaming garbage coming out of Betsy DeVos’s Department of Education. 

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Please do this! Find out how your Rep voted on the Wrong CHOICE Act, and send them an email about it.

Villas, Castles, and Vacations: Report from Senator Elizabeth Warren on Financial Adviser Kickbacks

If your financial firm rips you off, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It’s free and easy and may help you get $ back.

On Betsy DeVos: The Department “will be overly reliant on a single student loan company,”and US Marshals: DeVos security detail could cost nearly $8M