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Pushing Left with Mike Gravel (e62)

We speak with David Oks, campaign manager for Mike Gravel. Mike Gravel is a former Senator from Alaska who’s running what is arguably the farthest left campaign of the 2020 Democratic primary. And we discuss Abolish ICE, housing, education, prison abolition, war, shifting the overton window, reparations, direct democracy, a tribunal for climate crimes, a new government agency (the “Corporate Harm Prosecution Agency”) to measure and account for negative externalities, and more.

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Mike Gravel’s extensive issues platform (or the google docs version here).

November election wins! 🎉 (E40)

We talk about some of the amazing wins from the November election, and have a nice, big celebration. Then, we talk about the Trump tax scam, all the ways it screws the not-rich, and how you can fight back. (We call it the “Cut cut cut Americans Act”)

And in episode 40.5 (which you can get if you become a Patreon subscriber), Alexis talks about her newest adventures in boxing. 


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