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Trump Fires Comey – What Now? (E24)

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On news that Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, we record an emergency episode about what a new FBI Director will mean, given the broad powers the FBI has inherited. We discuss how we can push back against FBI abuses by encouraging our local elected officials to follow the lead of San Francisco, who left the FBI’s Joint ­Terrorism Task Force following concern over the Trump ­administration’s Muslim Ban and concerns that participation in the task force might violate local laws protecting immigrants and ­religious minorities.

San Francisco Police Department pulls out of FBI anti-terrorism task force (Washington Post)

Mass. Dismisses 21,000 Tainted Drug Convictions (E23)

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We discuss Betsy DeVos’s latest move in her war on students: undoing protections for student loan borrowers put in place by the Obama admin. Kade breaks down the news that district attorneys in Massachusetts dismissed over 21,000 tainted drug convictions, the most in one day in US history. We talk about what led to those dismissals, and what they mean about the current legal system. Finally, we also give you an update on the latest Tsarnaev related chicanery. A Boston based journalist has a new book out, and some of what she’s documented will shock even the most cynical observers.

Image credit: University of Michigan School of Natural Resources @ flickr.com (CC BY 2.0)

Reflections on Orlando and the Questions Congress SHOULD be asking (E13)

Kade and Alexis discuss the tragedy in Orlando, the response from politicians, the failures of the FBI, the questions politicians should be asking vs the reaction they are having, and how proud we’ve been of the LGBTQ community’s response to this tragedy, including rejecting responding to bigotry with more bigotry and Islamophobia.

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So this is what it feels like to be terrorized

How to Help Orlando or LGBTQ Organizations:

Credit Where Due:

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Header image credit: photo by Alexis Goldstein of signs by Code Pink at the DC Vigil in DuPont for Orlando

Kade on Apple vs FBI, Update on Corinthian (E9)

Kade breaks down Apple vs FBI. Kade explains why this isn’t really about a phone (especially not about a work phone, the only phone left un-smashed by Syed Rizwan Farook). We discuss how the FBI’s actions may actually damage their OWN security, and the security of the rest of us, if they succeed. And we touch on how Congress has so far REFUSED to give the government the power the FBI is seeking, so now FBI is trying to obtain this power through the courts.

We also provide an update on the scammed students of Corinthian Colleges, and tell you who needs to check themselves, and who needs to quit their jobs.

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And don’t read lawfareblog! Instead, read Empty Wheel or Just Security.

For further reading on the scammed Corinthian students:

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