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Salt in the Wound (E50)

Mitch McConnell wants to vote on racist judicial nominations on a massive civil rights anniversary.  60 murdered, over 2700 peaceful Palestinian protestors are injured during the Great Return March, the day Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. A good federal decision on border searches. The CFPB SHUTS DOWN the Office for Students.  And a look at Illinois’ 14th district, and voting as harm reduction.

Donate to Medical aid for Palestine: https://www.map.org.uk/donate/donation-details/31

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Fight the Digital Muslim Ban (E47)

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The ACLU gets us a little closer to shining light on black box algorithms, with some progress on a court challenge to the Computer Fraud Abuse Act. ICE puts out a horrific Digital Muslim Ban. Trump tries to murder the Census. Foreign governments are using stringrays to spy in D.C., and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Israel fires on peaceful protestors during the March of Return. And we revisit Gina Haspell, who remains a terrifying choice to run the CIA.

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