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Trump violates the Iran Deal (E49)

Trump violates the Iran Deal; the Senate will choose if they want to appoint a torturer to head the CIA, with Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing coming up; AT&T and Novartis pay hundreds of thousands to Trump’s personal attorney; Ticketmaster wants to use facial recognition at concerts; and an update on the attempt to make discrimination in auto lending easier.

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Say No to Torturers (E45)

Trump fires Tillerson, picks Mike Pompeo to replace him at State and Gina Haspel to replace Pompeo at the CIA. We discuss Pompeo’s extremist views and hawish desire for war and Haspel’s participation in torture at a CIA blacksite. We also tackle Democratic complicity in the face of these two torture supporters advancing in the cabinet.

Call your Senators and tell them NO on Pompeo and NO on Haspel! 202-224-3121

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