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Teaser – Mayor Pete sacrificed himself; he will sacrifice anyone (e74)

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We discuss former Mayor Pete’s horrific record in South Bend, how he’s decided to stop reading LGBTQIA media entirely because it criticized him, and what it means for someone to know they’re queer, but stay in the closet in order to pursue political power. Kade asks, poignantly, “someone who will sacrifice something that is that intimate to their personhood in pursuit of their political ambitions will sacrifice anyone.” And we discuss the meme LGBTQ: Let’s Get Buttigieg to Quit.



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Reflections on Orlando and the Questions Congress SHOULD be asking (E13)

Kade and Alexis discuss the tragedy in Orlando, the response from politicians, the failures of the FBI, the questions politicians should be asking vs the reaction they are having, and how proud we’ve been of the LGBTQ community’s response to this tragedy, including rejecting responding to bigotry with more bigotry and Islamophobia.

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So this is what it feels like to be terrorized

How to Help Orlando or LGBTQ Organizations:

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Header image credit: photo by Alexis Goldstein of signs by Code Pink at the DC Vigil in DuPont for Orlando