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Calmly Discussing 2020 (E58)

Writer, brave human, and opinion columnist for the Guardian Moira Donegan joins Alexis and Kade to discuss the 2020 Democratic primary — in a calm, thoughtful, policy-filled way! We discuss the candidates on housing, healthcare, financial policy, taxation, education, child care, drug policy, reparations, climate, foreign policy, immigration, and decriminalizing sex work (oh my!)

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#FreeBresha, Reparations in Chicago, and Social Movements as Collective Art Making: Mariame Kaba Interview (E17)

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Humorless Queers speaks to Mariame Kaba (@prisonculture), organizer, educator and curator. We discuss the #FreeBresha campaign, the fight for reparations in Chicago, the #Medicare4all campaign, art in social movements, and “social movements as a form of collective art making.”

Kaba has worked with young people for over two decades in various capacities (as a teacher, mentor and organizer).   In 2009, she founded Project NIA, a grassroots organization with a long term vision of ending youth incarceration. Her work has extended from the classroom, to community-based settings, and to the streets. She currently organizes with Survived and Punished.



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The theme for this show is the song “Missing You” by Jahzzar, also know as Javier Suarez. You can find his work at betterwithmusic.com.