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Betsy DeVos Takes a Loss

Betsy DeVos has a massive loss in court. Mass police get caught spying on left activists. The Trump administration is keeping 13,000 children in cages. We discuss the loses and wins in the NY primary, and implore listeners to call their Senators to oppose Kavanaugh and the Handmaid’s Tale future he wants to build.

Amazon Wants to Send Your Face to Cops (E51)

2018 is the year we ask for what we want. Kade tells us how to say NO to face surveillance by Amazon. And Alexis discusses why the gutting of the post-crisis reform know as the Volcker Rule means we should be demanding Glass-Steagall 2.0. And we discuss why DC residents should vote YES on Initiative 77 on June 19th, to raise the minimum wage of tipped workers up from a measly $3.33/hour.


Elizabeth Warren/John McCain’s Glass Stegall 2.0

PETITION: Amazon, get out of the surveillance business. 

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GOP Attack on Internet Privacy; Jay Clayton for SEC; Trumpcare Fails! (E21)

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This week the Republican-led Senate voted on party lines to allow internet service providers to sell our private internet records. We talk about what we can do to stop this horrible proposal from becoming law, and why it matters. We also discuss the latest nomination to Trump’s Incompetent Cabinet, Jay Clayton, a lawyer who works at one of Wall Street’s favorite law firms, Sullivan and Cromwell.


  • Tell Congress: Our browsing histories are not for sale. Don’t let Comcast spy on us!
  • Call the Capitol Switchboard, (202) 224-3121, and ask for your Senators, and tell them: I am asking you to vote NO on the nomination of Jay Clayton to the SEC. We shouldn’t have a Wall Street lawyer running one of the regulators who oversee Wall Street. How does Senator _____ plan to vote on Jay Clayton? [IF THE ANSWER ISN’T NO:] I urge you to vote no.

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Trump’s Cabinet of Horrors, Boston Spying, and the Electoral College (E16)

Humorless Queers tackle the horror show that is Trump’s choices for the cabinet, including Jeff Sessions for the Department of Justice, Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary, and Betsy Devos for the Department of Education. We also discuss the Boston police department’s plan to spend $1.4m on social media spying software. And finally, we’ll have an interview with the co-founder of DemocrEC.org, who are demanding that Republican members of the Electoral College honor the popular vote.




  1. Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America
  2. Taylor Branch: Parting the Waters. America in the King Era, 1954-1963

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