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Trump and American fascism, #HB2 and Anti-Trans Laws (E11)

We talk to historian Kathleen Frydl about Donald Trump and American fascism, and with ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio about the insanely bigoted anti-trans bill in North Carolina, #HB2. Kade tells Jonathan Chait to take a break from punching the left to Quit his Job. And Alexis tells Ted Cruz “Bitch, Please!” for naming Phil Gramm (a major architect of the 2008 financial crisis) as an economic advisor.

Further Reading / Mentioned on the Show:

Kade also discussed the play Mariposa & the Saint. Through letters with longtime friend and current collaborator, Julia Steele Allen, Mariposa brings her experience in solitary confinement to the stage.

How to Help

Here are organizations that Chase mentioned are doing work in North Carolina that folks can donate to or support in other ways:

Credit Where Due

The theme for this show is the song “Missing You” by Jahzzar, also know as Javier Suarez. You can find his work at betterwithmusic.com. Theme music for BITCH PLEASE is “Hachiko (The Faithful Dog)” a song by The Kyoto Connection.And the theme for QUIT YOUR JOB is “Fortitude” by J.O. Finally, you should know that the font for our logo is by the graphic designer Marisa Passos.

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